This week’s content was actually quite timely as my Grade 5 teaching team works to finalize the plans for our PYP Exhibition. (For those of you not familiar with PYP, here is a short description of the PYP Exhibition from the IB.) For the last couple of years, our exhibition was driven largely by students’ passions. First and foremost, our goal was for students to be engaged in learning that they were excited about! However, through our teacher reflections, it became quite obvious that we were missing something, purpose for the learning.

So with that being said, our guiding statement for this year’s PYPx is passion for a purpose. Within this framework, students will be encouraged to identify a passion and use it to achieve one of the 5 types of action described in the Enhanced PYP. We are hoping that this will help give guidance and structure to students as they work through their learning process!

Five Types of Action (Image by @terSonya)

So, you might be wondering where I’m going with this. What does this have to do with me learning a new skill? Don’t worry, I’m getting there!

My Inspiration

A few of Alecia’s projects (Images courtesy of @alecialoo)

As a teaching team, we have also discussed the idea that it may not always be the case that passion leads to purpose. It is possible for a purpose to create a passion. One of my colleagues, Alecia, will be sharing with our Grade 5 students her experience with this. In the last couple of years, Alecia has become an avid sewer.

She is mostly self-taught, using a variety of online resources and books to learn. She has identified that one of the driving forces in acquiring this skill was that she had difficulty finding clothing that she liked and that fit her well. Purpose developed her passion. 

Over the last year, Alecia has created clothing, gifts, and other household items for herself and others! She has shared this passion with students and has even started a sewing club (Sew Social!) at our school to help other staff learn!

Sewing is a skill that I have been wanting to learn for quite a while now, but just keep not getting around to it. This week’s assignment might just be the push I need!

Taking action!

So here’s my plan! I know it’s not going to be easy; and I know I’m going to have to push through the frustration barrier that Kaufman discussed in his TED Talk; but, I’m excited to see what I can create! I will keep you posted as to how it goes!

For any of you out there with any knowledge or expertise in this area, I’d love to hear from you! Please send any tips, tricks, or tools that I should not miss my way!!