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Over the past little while, my grade 5 teaching team has been discussing the creation of a new unit that will span this full year. We want it to be a “Who We Are” unit with a focus on developing and maintaining a healthy grade 5 community. While we had not specifically discussed it, I felt that Digital Citizenship fit nicely into this idea and so chose this task for the final project. I am really excited to be able to take this plan to my team, and hopefully put it into action at the start of the new school year!

I collaborated with Mike to create this unit plan. In his current role as a technology integrationist, he has a lot of expertise and ideas for how to address digital citizenship with students in a proactive way. I work in a team of five teachers, so am very used to the collaborative planning process. I really enjoyed working with Mike to create this unit. We were able to share successes and challenges that we’ve faced in the past and share great resources for addressing digital citizenship with students. While some of the activities are similar to ones that I have done previously, there are a lot of new things that I am excited to try!

Creating this unit plan gave me the opportunity to reflect on a lot of the learning from the course. In creating this unit, it was important to us to create activities that would empower students. Instead of creating a list of dos and don’ts, we wanted students to really engage in discussions about their use of technology and how to develop a healthy understanding of how to be a safe and respectful member of an online community. We focussed more on the content explored in weeks 2-5, so while this unit doesn’t have any specific lessons on appropriate attribution, it is definitely something that will be covered at other points throughout the year.

I look forward to actually putting this unit into action. I look forward to engaging in these discussions with students and seeing what tools/workshops are developed by them as well. I hope that from these tasks, students feel empowered to become safe and respectful contributors. I will keep you posted as to how it goes!

Course 2 Final Project – Healthy Communities UbD

Course 2 Final Project – Healthy Communities Resources