To be completely honest, when I saw this week’s assignment, I wasn’t really sure what to do or how to approach it. I had done a pretty major blog revamp at the beginning of Course 2, but unfortunately when all of the Wordfence problems arose, the theme I’d been using was removed and the changes I’d made were lost. (Which left me feeling pretty discouraged.) 

After losing all the changes I made in the spring, I haven’t put a lot of time or energy into the appearance of my blog. This week’s assignment was the push I needed to try and make some changes. 

I am not a huge fan of the theme I switched to, but at the moment it seems to be the best of what’s available so I am going to go with it for now.  

Here’s what it looked like before…

Content on Homepage

With this new theme, I realized that the default for text on the homepage was set to show an excerpt of each post. This led to an incredibly text heavy and therefore an incredibly boring looking page.  

This then required a bit of work because the content that was being shown was the entire blog post. I realized that no normal person was going to scroll through the full length to take a look at the second one. 

So I went back and edited my previous posts to include read more breaks. This allowed a bit of text and an image to be seen for each post. 

After reading Cynthia Marinakos, “How we read online (and 6 skills every web writer needs to master)”, I realized that I need to be more deliberate about what goes in my first paragraph. I need to work to include the important information there to really hook the reader (especially since this will be the preview displayed on my home page).

Looking ahead to future posts, I will make sure to prioritize this.  

Header colour and page layout

I didn’t love the harsh transition from the dark grey to white going from the header to page. Because (for now) my header is a set size, I decided to make the switch to a boxed layout. 

I think it gives the whole site a more uniform look, and allows the viewer to focus more on the content of the page and less on the contrasting colours on the side of the page. 

With all those changes, here’s what my blog looks like now…

Looking forward

My ultimate goal is to create my own website and have my COETAIL blog be a part of it. I really like Alex McMillan’s redesign and would love to have the freedom to choose different themes that better suit my design taste. 

But, this is a task for another time. For now, I am happy with the few changes I’ve made. Though I know I will continue to make tweaks here and there.