It’s been a loooooonnnnggg time since I’ve taken a look at my resume. I made the move to Düsseldorf in 2015 and every year since, I’ve been telling myself to update my resume to include the great opportunities I’ve had at ISD. It is now the fall of 2019 and up until this week, my resume had remained untouched. 

A resume is a visual aid, right? We use these tools to convey information about ourselves. So, I decided for this week’s task to focus on this. Five years later, and I would finally give my resume the makeover it so desperately needs!

Collecting Feedback

I chatted with some colleagues (past and present) to get some feedback on my resume. I asked them to ignore the content (which of course was very dated!) and instead focus on its visual impact: style, readability, visual-appealingness, etc. 

They were very honest when sharing that the resume in its current state, did not reflect who I was as an educator or person. It was grey and boring, incredibly text dense – used paragraphs instead of lists, and when using lists there were no bullet points. It was also really hard on the eyes, no colour or pictures to give the eye a rest. 

Another useful piece of feedback I got (though less about visual impact and more about general impact) was that this resume emphasized my education and qualifications, instead of who I am, what I believe, and what I do. 

I knew that the task ahead of me was a rather large one, I would essentially need to create a new resume from scratch. 

Starting Over

Two of my previous colleagues had recently redesigned their resumes using Canva. I use Canva all the time – with students and just personally! Though I use this tool in a lot of ways, I would have never considered it for this purpose. So, I decided to give it a go. 

I was surprised to find that Canva has a ton of resume templates available for users. They’re nicely sorted into categories such as Modern, Simple, Professional, Infographic, etc. 

Canva Resume Templates

I spent a long time looking and eventually found a template that I really liked. It was clean and simple. I appreciated the balance between the coloured and white spaces. Unlike my previous resume, it was far less text dense, and significantly easier on the eyes. I knew it would be a challenge trying to squeeze in all of the information I wanted to include, but I wanted to make sure to do so in a way that protected the style and readability of this template. 

Content wise, I decided to take my colleague’s advice, and to move my beliefs, what I do, and my experiences to the first page of the resume. I changed the colour, as I didn’t feel the rose pink was very “me”. I also chose to use a variety of text features – bolding, size, italics, etc. – for emphasis (some of the tips from this video). 

The Big Reveal

After a lot of time and energy, this is what I have now (click here for pdf). Looking at it no longer brings about feelings of stress and anxiety. I have shared this new version with current colleagues, and the best feedback I received was that this resume is a much truer representation of me!

Would love some feedback on the transformation. Look forward to hearing what others think!