In his keynote address at the 2018 IB Global Conference in Vienna, Will Richardson had his entire audience raise their right hand and repeat after him: “I want to be found…by strangers on the internet.” An uncomfortable laugh followed, and it was clear by looking around the hall that many educators weren’t quite sure what to make of it all. (For those interested, Richardson describes this exercise, a staple of his talks, here.)

After reading the title of this week’s module, I have to admit, I was a little taken aback. A lurker. A word with such a negative connotation. After reading more, I realized (much to my disappointment) that it was a fairly accurate description of a lot of my professional time spent on social media.

I joined Twitter in 2012, but only really started using it in the Fall of 2017. My original intention in reactivating my Twitter was to provide me with a forum for sharing out the learning happening in my – what I thought at the time was a fairly unique – learning environment.