Grade 5 Students Engage in Smarties Extension Task

Math was always my favourite subject in school. As a student, it was an area that came easy to me. I was a master of learning the necessary procedure or formula and regurgitating it for the test. It was not until I started teaching that I realized in all my time in school, I had given very little thought to actually understanding the concepts I’d “learned”. Math is still my favourite subject; but now, for very different reasons!

I love challenging students to see things in new ways. I love the “Aha!” moment when students struggle through and find a strategy or solution to a problem. I love finding ways to excite students who “hate math” or are “bad at math.” (This is not an accepted statement in my math classroom. Please see Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets or Weeks of Inspirational Math for more information on why this is.) I am definitely the math nerd in my teaching team. I enjoy finding new ways to solve problems, and new problems to challenge students with! (more…)